The Bachman Foundation has a rich local history. Originally, Bachman Memorial Home was named after its founder, Reverend John Lynn Bachman, and was foundedi n 1912 in Farner, Tennessee as a mission school to serve the local children of the Appalachian Mountains. Established to make a positive and enduring change in the lives of children, youth, and families, the Bachman Memorial Home has continued to evolve to serve the needs of its constituents, transforming into an orphanage and school in 1930 to service minors who became wards of the state. In 1950, Bachman Memorial Home moved to a 206 acre campus in McDonald, TN where it continued to provide services for children with special needs.

Bachman Memorial Home received its 501(c)3 nonprofit status in 1969 as a special education boarding facility. In 1999, in response to the increasing numbers of at-risk youth struggling with school failure and difficulties living at home without continuous supervision, Bachman Memorial Home became Bachman Academy and began to offer a comprehensive long-term boarding program for students diagnosed with various learning differences.

Most recently, in response to the many stellar offerings for students with special needs in our area, Bachman has created a foundation to continue its legacy of providing boys and girls who learn differently with financial assistance to institutions with like-minded goals.