"We are most thankful for the work you guys are doing."

– Director of Advancement, Chattanooga Christian School

"The Bachman Foundation has been instrumental in helping us provide students with learning challenges, who are of financial need, with the opportunity to attend Skyuka Hall. This support helps us not only provide financial aid to current families, but it enables us to reach out to many more families with children with learning differences in the Chattanooga community, giving each child the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.”

– Development Director, Skyuka Hall

“The generosity and support of the Bachman Foundation has empowered Woodsong Forrest School, as a new educational program in our community, to be able to effectively support and better serve students who learn differently. The grant awarded to Woodsong has helped create a scholarship fund for eligible families, and through doing so, Woodsong is able to have a broader range of families from various socioeconomic backgrounds. Also, the grant enabled Woodsong to partially fund an assistant for one of our students who has special educational needs. It means so much to have such a caring Foundation come alongside our new school and meaningfully support the work we are doing. The students, staff, and parents at Woodsong are so grateful.”

– Founder Director, Woodsong Forrest School

“You are all one of the greatest gifts God has given our grandson.”

– Grandparent of Bachman Foundation student

“Thank you for believing in our mission to serve children in the Tri – State area with equine assistance.  Your gift adds security that our programs will continue offer healing to students and their families.  May God Bless your Foundation.” 

CEO/Founder, Mending Arrow Ranch

“Thank you to the Bachman Foundation for your generous donation to the J.O.Y. School. May God Bless you and your good work.”

– Director, J.O.Y. School

“Thanks to you and the entire Bachman team for ensuring that these precious students can get the additional resources they need to move forward. You good folks are a mighty blessing from God!”

– Skyuka Hall

“Thank you again for the support from Bachman Foundation.”

– Family Cornerstone Inc.

“Thank you so much for awarding Beacon Academy financial aid towards the worthy student fund. This generous donation is allowing two boys, both with ADD, a chance to stay at our school. They are thriving this year. As I write this letter, one boy is in Panama City Florida helping provide disaster relief at a Point of Distribution. When he returns he will be able to join the band. We are so happy he will have these opportunities. He is gifted and will be able to benefit from music instruction. I believe it (the music) could be a blessing since their family has been hit with cancer recently. Thanks again for helping us give this opportunity to them. They are very thoughtful and helpful, and are good role models. The Bachman Mission lives on in the lives of those you help.”

– Beacon Academy

“Thank you again for awarding our school with such a generous grant! Your financial support of students at our school is making life – changing differences and we are truly grateful!”

– Woodsong Forrest School

“We are thankful that because of the generous support from the Bachman Foundation, the J.O.Y. School has been able to continue to provide a structured program of educational enrichment during the summer in a caring Christian environment for students with disabilities.”

– J.O.Y. School

“Ola is still the young “gentle giant” Bachman staff got to know and love. He continues to be thoughtful, respectful, friendly, kind, the peace maker and most of all continues to beat the odds of his disability, knocking down one challenge at a time. All of this and all of what Ola is now and is striving to be in the future can be traced back to the contribution and impact, the Bachman Foundation has made and continues to make in his life.”

“Again, we thank you all, and may the blessings fall upon your own household and generations to come. Your generosity has proven that indeed our redeemer lives. This is a true manifestation of his divine miracle.”

– Parent of Bachman Foundation student

“On behalf of the staff at SpiritHorse at Black Fox, the hard – working Spirit Horses there, and the special needs children who ride them, thank you to the Bachman Foundation for this generous donation. Your gift reflects a trust you have placed in us to use these funds to accomplish the mission of SpiritHorse at Black Fox. To assist Children with Special Needs in Reaching their Full Potential, Through Interaction with Horses, without cost to the Families we serve.”

“We also want to thank the Bachman board members for their foresight to keep the legacy of Bachman Memorial Home Inc. history of dedication to the well-being of special needs kids moving forward through the Bachman Foundation.”

– SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding at Black Fox

“Because of the generosity of donors like you, the Siskin Children Institute is able to offer additional resources for developmentally appropriate early childhood programs; targeted assessment, diagnostic, and therapeutic health care services; and most importantly, support to children with special needs and their families as they travel their unique journeys.”

Siskin Children Institute

“Because of your giving to the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home, you have become part of an exclusive team…a special group that truly cares about children and young people.”

“I want to personally thank you for your generous gift. Your contribution makes a difference in helping us change lives. Our mission is not only to transform the lives on our campus, but to also change the next generation.”

– Smoky Mountain Children’s Home

“Through the generosity of Bachman Foundation, Creative Story Project has been able to expand the use of our creative story program to serve youth who have some challenges. These are not 'problem kids' but rather 'kids with a problem.' Learning to share thoughts and challenges with their peers as well as using the fun and interaction of group story creation has provided encouragement, positive relationships, and life lessons in a new and unique form. Funding from Bachman Foundation made this opportunity possible.”

– Creative Story Project